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Sunday school preparation has never been easier.
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Sunday school planning. Simplified.

Subscription-based access to all sparkhouse Sunday school curricula.

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Sunday school preparation has never been easier

Sparkhouse Online simplifies planning tasks, so you can focus on what’s important:
helping kids grow in their faith. See what Sparkhouse Online could do for you.

Why choose Sparkhouse Online?

Choose the curriculum

With Sparkhouse Online, you can subscribe to one or more sparkhouse Sunday school curriculum resources. Choose resources to suit each age group at your church and access them all in one place.

Access the curricula online

Get any-time access to great sparkhouse curriculum resources with your annual Sparkhouse Online subscription. (Learner leaflets, Bibles, and Songbook/CD not included.)

Robust planning tools

Schedule lessons, organize classrooms, assign leaders, manage learner registration, and more.

Leader tools online, anytime

Leaders can access everything they need to prepare—from leader guides to lesson videos—anywhere, anytime.

Try out other curricula

Your Sparkhouse Online subscription includes free content from all of the sparkhouse Sunday school curricula.

Communication streamlined

Improve communication between leaders, parents and volunteers using the message tools built right into Sparkhouse Online.

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