How-tos for Creating Remote Sunday School Experiences.

Sparkhouse is equipping you with the tools to lead Connect Sunday school lessons remotely with the kids in your ministry. Whether you prerecord, livestream, or host a virtual meeting these resources will help you prepare to use Connect lessons virtually. Resources include a short instructional video and one-page guide for leaders.

Why choose Connect?

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    Combine humor with teachings from the Bible

    Capture attention while applying biblical teachings from the lesson with the Connect curriculum, which is notorious for its witty, quirky humor-filled videos.

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    Relate to preteens with content they understand

    Help teens see the big picture of the Bible with Connect Bibles, which feature visual icons, vibrant maps, and instant activities while providing relevance for preteens.

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    Build understanding around key Bible themes

    Encourage preteens to see the narrative arc of the Bible with Connect’s Bible-centered approach explores.

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    Set your leaders and volunteers up for success

    Use quality leader materials to ensure your volunteers and leaders feel prepared without having to invest a large amount of time before teaching.