Holy Moly

How-tos for Creating Remote Sunday School Experiences.

Sparkhouse is equipping you with the tools to lead Holy Moly Sunday school lessons remotely with the kids in your ministry. Whether you prerecord, livestream, or host a virtual meeting these resources will help you prepare to use Holy Moly lessons virtually. Resources include a short instructional video and one-page guide for leaders for each age group within Holy Moly.

Why choose Holy Moly?

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    Engage through imagination

    Help kids imagine what the Bible characters are saying and thinking while watching the Bible story video.

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    Focus on hands-on learning

    Engage in the Bible story with activities, interactive games, and creative crafts to engage in the Bible story.

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    Equip leaders with easy-to-use content

    Use colorful, step-by-step leader guides to support your leaders and volunteers, so they don't have to spend hours preparing for lessons.

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    Follow the Salvation story arc

    Experience the Salvation story by exploring the Old Testament, Advent & Christmas, the New Testament, Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, and Post-Resurrection stories each year.