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Uniquely designed for Grades 5—6

A Bible that gives preteens a solid foundation of faith.

Preteens dive into the big picture of the Bible

This full–text NRSV Bible is packed with unique features that help preteens make sense of the Bible's greatest stories, uncover major biblical themes, and discover how the Bible relates to their own lives. Take a look.

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◀  Turn pages here!
Connect NRSV Bible

Why choose Connect Bibles?

Relevant for preteens

The Connect Bible is filled with book and Bible section introductions, visual icons, vibrant maps, and instant activities all specific to a preteen reader.

Build a foundation of faith

Fifty biblical themes are highlighted in the Connect Bible. Each theme directs preteens to three Scripture passages to see the big picture of the Bible and develop a strong faith foundation for youth ministry.

A personalized experience

Blank page margins let preteens take notes as they journey through the Bible. Marking techniques guide them to key parts of Scripture and capture their personal experience with different passages.

Grow at home

The Connect Bible is a great resource for preteens to use at church, as well as on their own at home.

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