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A Foundation
of Faith.

Frolic is a suite of early childhood resources that uniquely helps churches support children and their families as they take their first steps in faith.

The Frolic Program

It’s never too early to teach children about God. We believe that Christian faith is essential to early childhood development.
Frolic is the first curriculum of its kind to connect developmental and spiritual milestones for the youngest of children—starting at birth (yes, really!).

Ways to Use Frolic

Mix and match from multiple Frolic offerings to customize your early childhood program.
Get details and download samples by clicking on the diagram below.

Frolic Online Subscription

This comprehensive package of resources provides a solid foundation for any early childhood program.

Print Resources

Add these to implement your classes and tranform your nursery. Frolic print resources are each sold separately.

Frolic Faith
Class Curriculum

Frolic First Bible


Nursery Guides

Board Books

Picture Books


Mini Lessons

Nursery Posters
Bible Story Posters
Nursery Cards

Getting Started

Whether you have an established birth-to-three ministry or you’re just starting one,
Frolic resources equip you to support families of young children as they take their first steps in faith.

You may be asking, "How do I know which Frolic resources are best for my church program?"

Glad you asked! Check out this guide—find the description that best matches
your church and review our resource recommendations.

Who is this church? What do we recommend? Want to do something extra? What do I purchase?
SMALL CHURCH Your church has a few children 3 and under but does not currently offer early childhood programming. Young children are typically with their parents during worship and other church activities. Plan a monthly parent-child Bible Story Class during your regularly-scheduled Christian education time on Sunday. Instead of planning the Bible Story Class on a Sunday morning, plan it for a different day and invite community members to attend. Plan for a 2-hour session that has Bible-focused programming for 45-minutes with free-play and snacks for the remaining time.
  • Frolic Online Subscription
  • Frolic First Bible (one/family)
  • Old Testament
    Bible Story Poster Pack
  • New Testament
    Bible Story Poster Pack
  • Faith Music CD
MEDIUM CHURCH You are medium-sized and growing, in part because you offer energized, relational ministry with families. You have been offering birth-to-three Sunday school on a monthly basis for parents of infants and toddlers using curriculum you’ve written. Once you decide whether to emphasize Bible stories or developmental themes, plan an entire year of monthly Frolic Faith Classes. Bring your nursery care provider into the planning process in order to use Frolic resources to enhance your nursery ministry. Plan Frolic Faith Classes as commnity outreach, publicizing in the community that the church offers faith-based parent-child classes, with a separate parent-only option if you can provide child care.
  • Frolic Online Subscription
  • Frolic First Bible (one/family)
  • Picture and/or board books (one/family)
  • Old Testament Bible Story Poster Pack
  • New Testament Bible Story Poster Pack
  • Nursery Cards
  • Nursery Poster Pack
  • Faith Music CD
LARGE CHURCH Your large congregation cares for several infants and toddlers in the nursery each week while parents attend worship and education time. Download the Nursery Guide articles, decorate the nursery, and distribute a nursery card to each parent at pick-up. Plan a Frolic Faith Theme Class based on a picture or board book for nursery families. You can choose to offer parent-only or parent-child versions of the class. Describe the class as a way to get to know other families and talk about challenges and joys of parenting.
  • Frolic Online Subscription
  • Nursery Poster Pack
  • Nursery Music CD
  • Nursery Cards
If doing "Something Extra":
  • Frolic First Bible (one/family)
  • Picture and/or board books (one/family)
  • Faith Music CD

Frolic Online Pricing

Our pricing structure is based on the number of participants in your early childhood program.

Why Frolic?

Uniquely created for babies and toddlers

Developed by early childhood
experts, Frolic resources are the first to
introduce little ones to faith concepts in
age-appropriate ways. Yes, even starting at birth.

Builds community

Frolic Faith Classes connect parents to each other as they share the joys and challenges of parenting.

Informs and empowers parents

Frolic connects your church to families with young children through personalized monthly Enewsletters sent directly to their inboxes.

Budget friendly

Subscriptions start at only $29.99 per year. Rates are based on the number of children in your ministry.

Transforms your nursery

Your nursery becomes a place where young children begin to understand God, themselves, and the world around them.

Connects church and home

Our suite of resources makes it easy for churches to invest in busy families and to help them fit moments of faith formation into their everyday lives.

Like what you see? Let’s get started!

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