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Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly

Kids experience the Bible in unforgettable ways

Lively and colorful Bibles designed for Grades K–4.

Age–appropriate Bibles bring the Bible to life for kids

Pre–Bible readers (Grades K–2) use Bible Storybooks that are filled with colorful artwork and engaging rhyming text. Older kids (Grades 3–4) use the Connect NRSV Bible that has fun activities, background information, and more. Take a look.

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◀  Turn pages here!
Holy Moly Bible Storybook
Grades K–2
Connect NRSV Bible
Grades 3–4

Why choose Holy Moly Bibles?

Relevant for kids

With Bible Storybooks for younger kids and a full NRSV Bible for older kids, Holy Moly Bibles let kids experience God’s Word at their reading level.

Fun with faith

Holy Moly Bibles actively draw kids into Bible stories and encourage kids to have fun as they grow in their faith.

Unforgettable encounters

The vivid artwork and rhyming text of the Bible Storybooks creates a memorable way for younger kids to engage with Bible stories. The unique features and activities in the Connect NRSV Bible give older kids a personal experience with Bible stories they’ll never forget.

Grow at home

Holy Moly Bibles are great resources for kids to use in Sunday school, as well as on their own or with their families at home.

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