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Whirl Classroom

Journey through the Salvation Story

Bible–centered lessons that help kids understand Scripture and how it applies to their lives.

Whirl Classroom

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Scope and Sequence

Whirl Classroom is a two–year curriculum that highlights 80 key Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament. Summer quarters use the expanded Summer Director Guide which brings kids of all ages together for a fun group experience that spans up to 50 minutes. View the Scripture passage and lesson title for each Sunday by using the grid below, or by downloading the full Scope and Sequence Scope and Sequence summary (2.36MB PDF).

Adam and Eve
Genesis 2:4–25;
Baby Moses
Exodus 2:1–10
The Burning Bush and the Plagues
Exodus 3:1–15,
The Red Sea
Exodus 14:1–30
The Ten Commandments
Exodus 20:1–17
Joshua 6:1–20
Ruth and Naomi
Ruth 1
God Calls Samuel
1 Samuel 3:1–20
David Is Annointed
1 Samuel 16:1–13
David and Goliath
1 Samuel 17:1–49
Kings David and Solomon
2 Samuel 7:1–17;
1 Kings 2:10–12; 6
The Lord Is My Shepherd
Psalm 23

How it works

Every Whirl Classroom lesson follows a four-part sequence: Welcome, Hear, Respond, and Launch (WHRL!). Each week, leaders WELCOME kids and invite them to warm up with an activity on the front panel of their leaflets. Then kids watch a video with the Whirl Kids. Each video is based on a theme that connects kids to the Bible story and to real–life situations. After watching the video, kids HEAR the day’s story in their Bibles. Younger kids (PreK–Grade 2) use the Whirl Kids Story Bible. Older kids (Grade3–6) open their Whirl Kids Study Bibles. All kids mark a Wall Chart that help them identify themes and sections of the Bible. After the year is over, each classroom will have a fun, visual record of what they’ve learned! Kids RESPOND using their leaflets to see how the Bible story is connected to a broader theme that applies to their own lives. Lastly, kids circle up to review the lesson and pray. LAUNCH your kids out with Family Pages—so they can keep the learning going all week long!

Whirl Classroom Bibles

The core of the curriculum

Designed to help kids (PreK-Grade 6) understand Scripture and how it applies to their lives.

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Why choose Whirl Classroom?

Relatable and relevant

Whirl Classroom makes Scripture relevant for kids. When kids really understand the Bible and its themes, they’ll realize they’re part of God’s story too!

Characters kids can relate to

Animated characters model what it’s like for kids to go through the questions and challenges of living out their faith.

Age-appropriate resources

Lesson leaflets are grade–specific and two lesson videos are provided for lower level and upper level grades which helps equally engage all your kids!

Faith sent out

Whirl’s Learner leaflets double as take–home pieces with seven different ways families can put their faith into action throughout the week.

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