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Why choose Sparkhouse Digital?

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    Access more with Sparkhouse Digital, an easy-to-use platform

    Subscribe to a single platform to access more resources with unlimited downloads and previews of the Sparkhouse curricula and resources that you love.

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    Simplify your volunteer engagement

    Eliminate the questions around whether your volunteers know what they’re assigned to for the week with Sparkhouse Digital’s intuitive planning and calendar tool, offering multiuser access so your volunteers know what they are teaching and when.

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    Connect with parents

    Extend church to home with Sparkhouse Digital’s exclusive resources, such as enewsletters for early childhood, templates and engagement tools for children, and tips and tools for youth.

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    Offer quality faith programming to improve attendance

    Know that you are offering theologically-sound, intentional lessons that engage students from birth through high school. As a result, see more consistent attendance and better engagement.

“Sparkhouse Digital will help with the planning and execution of my children’s programming. I think it will also be helpful to other ministry staff and lay leaders, giving them access to additional curriculum and ideas.”

Sparkhouse Digital Pricing

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More Resources.

Access more than 15,000 leader resources and reproducibles across three age categories – early childhood, children, and youth – to create a ministry program that fits your context. Subscribers also gain access to exclusive extras and content to support their programming.

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More Possibilities.

Create an early childhood, Sunday school, or youth ministry program that accommodates your unique needs. Pick and choose across Sparkhouse curriculum, and leverage our unique calendar and planning tools to schedule based on your program.

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More Value.

Subscribe at one price to receive access to all leader resources, reproducibles, and extras within an age category. Unlimited access with unlimited users simplifies your planning.


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