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Age 2–Grade 6


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Unit 1 / Beginnings

Unit 2 / The Promise

Unit 3 / Freedom

Unit 4 / Kings & Prophets

Unit 5 / Conquered

Unit 6 / Jesus: Early Life

Unit 7 / Jesus: Ministry

Unit 8 / Jesus: The Savior

Unit 9 / The Apostles

Unit 10 / The Church

Connect Bibles

Connect Enrichments


Connect is a Bible-centered curriculum, with just enough humor to get fifth and sixth graders hooked. Using quirky videos, hands-on activities, and Bible exploration, Connect helps preteens uncover major Biblical themes and discover how the Bible relates to their own lives. Learn more or view samples.

From God’s creation to life in a broken world, God has a plan.

God’s promises for Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and all of us.

God rescues captive Israel and leads them to the Promised Land.

God provides kings and prophets to guide Israel.

Even when foreign rulers conquer Israel, God stays faithful.

The Messiah is born and he has heavenly power and authority.

Jesus teaches, forgives, performs miracles—and upsets some people.

Jesus submits to death—but his resurrection changes everything.

Following Jesus brings new life, grace, and the gifts of God.

The growing church shares the good news of Jesus and God’s love.

The Connect Bibles  include activities to get kids thinking about the stories they’ve just learned and tools to help kids learn how to use the text.

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