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  • Teaching Eddie to Fly

    Teaching Eddie to Fly

    Eddie is a bird, but he can't fly! His friend Ernest, a bear, decides he's going to help Eddie learn to fly--with hilarious and unanticipated results! Along the way, both Ernest and Eddie learn some valuable lessons. Is Eddie even meant to fly? Or is there something else he's even better at?


  • Owen and Eleanor Meet the New Kid

    Owen and Eleanor Meet the New Kid

    The third book in the Owen & Eleanor series is a story about welcoming strangers and loving your neighbor.


  • God's Protection Covers Me

    God's Protection Covers Me

    "Every day, in all you do, God's protection covers you!"


  • Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too

    Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too

    A book about loving your neighbor with kindness and creativity from the author of the award-winning Maybe God Is Like That Too.


  • Stay Through the Storm

    Stay Through the Storm

    A moving meditation on the power of friendship to carry us through dark times.


  • Antonino's Impossible Dream

    Antonino's Impossible Dream

    Antonino is a young artist who dreams of painting a masterpiece, an impossible dream he calls Friend. When he gets stuck, inspiration comes from an unexpected place.


  • Precious Baby

    Precious Baby

    This light, rhyming board book celebrates the wonder and joy of welcoming a new baby into the home.


  • Frolic Preschool Bible

    Frolic Preschool Bible

    A great follow up to the Frolic First Bible, perfect for emerging readers.


  • The Fabulous World That God Made

    The Fabulous World That God Made

    An expansive, delightful romp through the Bible's creation story.


  • Frolic First Bible

    Frolic First Bible

    This delightful picture Bible tells twenty of the Bible's most beloved stories from creation to the resurrection and introduces little ones to God's love and care.



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