Spark All Kids

Bible-based Sunday school designed for all kids together in one classroom

Why choose Spark All Kids?

  • Connect older and younger kids with a “buddy” system

    Engage kids of all ages in a multi-age classroom with built-in opportunities for older kids to mentor younger kids, enabling them to navigate the story and compare what they learn to their own lives.

  • Leverage uniquely curated content

    Address the unique challenges and opportunities that come with having a multi-age classroom, adapting to how age contributes to learning differences.

  • Customize your leader content

    Support and prepare your leaders and volunteers with detailed, customizable leader guides and additional supplemental content.

  • Experience the Salvation story arc

    Explore the Old Testament in the fall, the New Testament in the winter and spring, and a mix of the Old and New Testaments in the summer.

How it works

Each Spark All Kids lesson follows a four-part sequence:

  • Gather – Begin the day by gathering together and trying a warm-up activity
  • Open the Bible – Open Bibles and explore the day's story
  • Activate Faith – Get moving and become engaged in the story they just read by using their leaflets
  • Experience the Salvation story arc – Finish with a closing activity and prayer

Scope and sequence

Spark All Kids is a two-year curriculum featuring key Bible stories. Download the full scope and sequence.

Genesis 1:1-2:4a
Noah’s Ark
Genesis 6–9
Abram’s Call
Genesis 12:1-9
Abraham and Sarah’s Visitors
Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16; 18:1-15; 21:1-7
Isaac’s Blessing
Genesis 25:19-34; 27:1-40
Free from Slavery
Exodus 5:1-6:13
The Red Sea
Exodus 14:1-30
The Ten Commandments
Exodus 20:1-17
The Battle of Jericho
Joshua 6:1-20
Naomi and Ruth
Ruth 1:1-22
David and Goliath
1 Samuel 17:4-11, 32-50
Elijah and the Widow
1 Kings 17:8-16
Jonah and the Big Fish
Jonah 1–4
A Child Called Immanuel
Isaiah 7:10-17
Angels Visit
Matthew 1:18-25
Jesus Is Born
Luke 2:1-20
Wise Men
Matthew 2:1-12
Jesus’ Baptism
Matthew 3:13-17
The Disciples
Matthew 4:12-23; 9:9-13; 10:1-4
The Lord’s Prayer
Matthew 6:5-15
Woman at the Well
John 4:5-42
A Storm
Matthew 8:23-27
The Centurion’s Servant
Matthew 8:5-13
Jesus Blesses the Children
Mark 10:13-16
Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
Matthew 20:29-34
The Sower
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
Jesus Feeds 5,000
John 6:1-14
The Transfiguration
Matthew 17:1-13
The Greatest Commandment
Matthew 22:34-46
Holy Week
Matthew 21:1-11; 26:17-30
The Empty Tomb
Matthew 28:1-10
The Great Commission
Matthew 28:16-20
Doubting Thomas
John 20:19-31
The Ascension
Acts 1:6-14
The Holy Spirit
Acts 2:1-21, 36-42
Philip and the Ethiopian
Acts 8:26-40
Saul to Paul
Acts 9:1-20
An Angel Frees Peter
Acts 12:1-19
Paul’s Letters
Romans 1:1-17
God’s Promises to Abraham
Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18
Jacob Wrestles
Genesis 32:22-31
A Message from God
Deuteronomy 6:1-9
Praise God
Psalm 8
The Beatitudes
Matthew 5:1-12
Salt and Light
Matthew 5:13-20
Jesus Teaches about Anger
Matthew 5:21-37
Love Your Enemies
Matthew 5:38-48
Ten Bridesmaids
Matthew 25:1-13
Parable of the Talents
Matthew 25:14-30
Matthias the Apostle
Acts 1:15-17, 21-26
Peter and Tabitha
Acts 9:36-43
Peter’s Dream
Acts 11:1-18
Adam and Eve
Genesis 2:4-25
The First Sin
Genesis 3:1-24
Joseph and His Brothers
Genesis 37:1-28
Joseph Helps His Family
Genesis 45:1-15; 50:15-21
Baby Moses
Exodus 2:1-10
The Burning Bush
Exodus 3:1-15
Manna, Quail, and Water
Exodus 16:1-18; 17:1-7
Judges 4:1–5:31
The Battle of Jericho
Joshua 6:1-20
David Is Chosen
1 Samuel 16:1-13
Solomon Builds the Temple
1 Kings 6
Queen Esther
Esther 2:5-18; 3:1-6; 8:1-17
Daniel and the Lions
Daniel 6:1-28
A Ruler from Bethlehem
Micah 5:2-5
Angels Visit
Luke 1:26-38
Mary Visits Elizabeth
Luke 1:39-58
Jesus Is Born
Luke 2:1-20
Simeon and Anna
Luke 2:22-40
The Boy at the Temple
Luke 2:41-52
John the Baptist
Luke 3:1-18
Jesus Goes to Nazareth
Luke 4:14-30
The Disciples
Luke 5:1-11; 8:1-3
Four Friends
Luke 5:17-26
Ten Men Healed
Luke 17:11-19
The Good Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37
The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin
Luke 15:1-10
The Prodigal Son
Luke 15:1-3, 11-32
Mary and Martha
Luke 10:38-42
Luke 19:1-10
The Last Supper
John 13:1-20
Holy Week
Luke 19:28-40; 22:14-23:56
The Empty Tomb
Luke 24:1-12
The Road to Emmaus
Luke 24:13-35
The Holy Spirit
Acts 2:1-4, 36-42
Early Believers
Acts 2:43-47; 4:32-37
Peter Heals
Acts 3:1-16
Acts 16:9-15
Paul and Silas
Acts 16:16-40
Paul and the Philippians
Philippians 1:1-14
Isaiah’s Call
Isaiah 6:1-8
God’s Peaceful World
Isaiah 11:1-10
Jeremiah 1:4-10
A Good Ruler
Jeremiah 33:14-17
Teaching and Healing
Mark 1:21-28
Bartimaeus Sees
Mark 10:46-52
The Widow’s Offering
Mark 12:38-44
Luke 1:68-79
Two Masters
Luke 16:1-13
The Parable of the Rich Man
Luke 16:19-31
Wedding at Cana
John 2:1-11
The Good Shepherd
John 10:11-18
John 11:1-45

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“We LOVE Spark material. We like how it really invites children to experience the Bible in truly meaningful ways.”
Hannah Coe , First Baptist Church

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