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Signing in and accounts

Why should I sign in?

How do I sign in?

How do I edit sign-in credentials, or update other personal information?

Can I delete my sign-in information?

What if I forget my password?

How do I create a credit account?

Can different groups within my church or organization use the same account?

Wish lists

What is a wish list?

How do I create and manage a wish list?

How do I add the contents of a wish list to my cart?


What are my payment options?

How does sparkhouse keep personal and financial info safe?

How do I know my order was received?

If I don't live in the United States, can I order sparkhouse resources?

Order processing

How do I know my item is available?

Can I order imprinted resources?

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

How do I return or exchange items?

Where can I get help with my order?

Shipping and sales tax info

What are my shipping options?

How much is shipping?

How are shipping costs affected if a resource is out of stock or not yet available?

What if my order is damaged when it arrives?

Will I need to pay sales tax?

Account billing

What's the status of our credit account?

What's the difference between mailed statements and online invoices?

Why are there payments on our credit account that aren't applied to invoices?

Can I pay my bill online?

How long does it take for a payment to post?

Can I request credit for returned merchandise when paying an invoice?


How do I download an item I've purchased?

What programs do I need to view or hear files I've downloaded?

What if I have technical problems during download?

Where can I get help with downloads?

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