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Whirl Kids Story Bible: Classroom Edition

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Designed for kids in pre-kindergarten through second grade, the Whirl Kids Story Bible is packed with essential, faith–building stories from Genesis to Revelation.
  •  Read the lively story retelling on one page as kids follow the action in the pictures on the other page.
  •  Colorful borders organize the Bible into sections that help kids learn about the Testaments and remember different sections of the Bible.
  •  Stories include the Bible text reference.
  •  Embedded questions help kids connect the Bible stories to their lives.
  •  Twin siblings named Ada and Otto appear in each story to provide comments, explanations, and humor.
This Bible accompanies the Whirl Classroom Sunday School curriculum.
Brand: Whirl
ISBN: 9781506416328
Age Range: Grades 1-2; PreK-K
Model: Classroom
Dimensions: 7 x 9
Bible Format: Children's
Publisher: sparkhouse
Publication Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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