Whirl Lectionary / Year B / Winter 2020-2021 / PreK-K / Leader Pack

Whirl Lectionary / Year B / Winter 2020-2021 / PreK-K / Leader Pack

The Whirl Leader Guides make preparing and presenting lessons easy and rewarding. They provide everything leaders need to engage kids with the lectionary season and lesson activities and discussions.  
  • Lessons are separated into four sections: Welcome, Hear, Respond, and Launch.
  • The seasonal color and icon help leaders know where they are in the lectionary at a glance. 
  • The front of the leader guide addresses the same three questions every week to give leaders a quick context to teach that week’s lesson: what’s happening in the story, why does it matter for kids, and what is the lectionary connection.
  • Scripted, bolded text in each section helps leaders easily know exactly what to say as they lead kids through the lesson. Bulleted questions and numbered step-by-step directions keep the lesson simple and organized for leaders to follow.     
This Leader Guide Pack provides one PreK-K leader guide for each week in the Year B Winter quarter. 
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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • ISBN 9781451484977
  • Brand Whirl
  • Model Lectionary
  • Age/Grade Range PreK-K
  • Year B
  • Publication Date September 15, 2014

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