Frolic Nursery CD

Frolic Nursery CD

This faith-based music is full of songs for soothing and moving for the little ones in the nursery. The first 8 tracks are soothing lullabies. The last 8 tracks are lively songs to get things moving.

Songs for Soothing:

  • As If at Sea
  • Welcome to Your Life
  • Every Grain of Sand
  • God Is Watching
  • Care for the Children of God
  • Green Hill
  • Song for You
  • Psalm 23

Songs for Moving:

  • The Seed Song
  • It’s a Sign of God’s Love
  • Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac
  • Miriam’s Song
  • Hold You, Hug You
  • Shh Shh Shh
  • Rub a Dub a Dub Dub
  • One Big Family 

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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • ISBN 9781506416809
  • Brand Frolic
  • Model Frolic Nursery
  • Age/Grade Range 0-2; 2-3; PreK-K
  • Format CD-ROM
  • Publication Date May 24, 2016

Audio Samples

As If at Sea

Psalm 23

The Seed Song

Shh Shh Shh