Frolic Preschool / Storybooks / Year 2 / Ages 3-5 / Leader Guide

Frolic Preschool / Storybooks / Year 2 / Ages 3-5 / Leader Guide

Engage your preschoolers and help them understand faith concepts in the way that they learn best -- through play! This Frolic Preschool Storybooks Leader Guide includes content for 12 lessons that are based on 6 Frolic storybooks. Each lesson is covered over the course of two weeks to help your little ones learn faith concepts through creative play spaces. Choose from two lively ways to share the story each week, using the Story Sheets and Stickers as a play-based activity during the lesson and the Storytelling Poster to end the lesson and prepare for Send Time.

The Frolic Preschool Storybooks Leader Guide covers six Frolic storybooks, including:

Happy Birthday, Ava!

It's Ava's birthday and her friends keep coming up with things they want to do to celebrate her special day. But all of their ideas are things they want to do. When Ava gets frustrated, the friends realize they need to think about their friend, not themselves.

Rufus and His Angry Tail

Rufus gets upset when Ava messes up his favorite game. Will saying a prayer help him feel less angry? Preschoolers learn about feelings and friendship as Rufus figures out what to do with big emotions.

Jo and the Not-So-Little Lie

Preschoolers learn the importance of telling the truth when Jo tells his friends a lie. One little lie becomes a big problem for Jo and his friends. Can he find the courage to be honest and to ask for forgiveness?

Rufus and the Scary Storm

A big storm sends Rufus running for cover. Preschoolers learn that being brave isn’t about never being afraid. It's about looking for help even when we're scared.

Hal and the Prickle Problem

When Hal the hedgehog starts shedding his quills, it's a prickly situation for the Frolic friends. Can the friends work together to help Hal out of a pickle?

Ava and the Big Ouch

Preschoolers discover that friends can help us feel better, even when we feel bad. Ava gets hurt while playing with her friends. Encouragement and prayer help her get back up and back to having fun.

The six Storybooks are available for purchase in aFrolic Preschool Storybooks Bundle at a special price! Frolic Preschool is a two-year curriculum designed for ages 3-5. In addition to a unit covering 6 storybooks, Year 2 includes 20 lessons on the Old Testament and 20 lessons on the New Testament.

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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
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  • Age/Grade Range 2-3; PreK-K
  • Year 2
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  • Publication Date May 14, 2019