Frolic Family / Storybooks / Birth-5 / Storybooks Bundle

Frolic Family / Storybooks / Birth-5 / Storybooks Bundle

The Frolic Family Storybooks Leader Guide includes 13 lessons that covers 13 Frolic Storybooks. Each lesson helps parents and children to grow in faith together. Modeled on best practices in early childhood education, Frolic Family Storybooks offers lessons that support parent-child lessons and their growth in faith.

This bundle includes the 13 Frolic Storybooks that are covered in the Frolic Family Storybooks Leader Guide, including:

  • Ava and the Big Ouch
  • Ava and the Skimpy Picnic
  • Happy Birthday Ava
  • Hal and the Prickle Problem
  • Hal and the New Kid
  • Hal and the Very Long Race
  • Jo and the Not So Little Lie
  • Jo and the Slow Soup
  • Rufus and His Angry Tail
  • Rufus and the Scary Storm
  • Rufus and the Very Special Baby
  • Rufus Loses His Cape
  • Uri and the Busy Day

These books are designed to help you communicate key child development and faith formation concepts to your toddlers and preschoolers, covering topics such as sharing, anger, and patience in an age-appropriate way.

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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • Format Bundle
  • Brand Frolic
  • Model Frolic Family
  • Age/Grade Range 0-2; 2-3; PreK-K
  • Item Number ITEM009434
  • Publication Date May 5, 2018