Frolic Preschool / Ages 3-5 / Christmas Lesson Starter Kit

Frolic Preschool / Ages 3-5 / Christmas Lesson Starter Kit

Engage your preschoolers and help them understand faith concepts in the way that they learn best -- through play! This single Frolic Preschool Storybook lesson is based on the Frolic Christmas-themed storybook Rufus and the Very Special Baby: A Frolic Christmas Story.

Over the course of two weeks, discover the true reason for the season—Jesus' birth—with Rufus and his Frolic friends, Ava, Jo, Hal, and Uri. The lesson helps you guide little ones through Jesus' birth and his celebration, using age-appropriate play spaces, prayers, storytelling, music, and rituals.

This Frolic Christmas Lesson Starter Kit includes the following resources for two weeks of lesson content:

  • Leader Guide includes content to be covered over the course of two weeks to help your little ones learn faith concepts through creative play spaces, which supports the lesson and your available supplies and space.
  • Two Storytelling Posters help lead lively storytelling.
  • 20 Story Sheets (10 for Week 1 and 10 for Week 2; enough for 10 kids). Story Sheets feature artwork from the storybook and provide ideas for families to continue exploring the story at home. (Note: This lesson does not include stickers which are included in full units of Frolic Preschool Sunday School.)
  • One copy of Rufus and the Very Special Baby to share the story of Jesus' birth in the eyes of Rufus and his friends, Ava, Jo, Hal, and Uri.

We also recommend purchasing the following resources that are used in the lesson and not included in this Starter Kit:

Have more than 10 kids in your class? Purchase additional Story Sheets here.

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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • Format Bundle
  • Brand Frolic
  • Age/Grade Range 2-3; PreK-K
  • Item Number ITEM009468
  • Publication Date October 15, 2018