Frolic / I Heart Rufus! / Book Bundle

Frolic / I Heart Rufus! / Book Bundle

This special book bundle is all about everyone's favorite caped puppy, Rufus! Known for his adventurous and playful spirit, Rufus has high energy that relates to many small children. In this bundle, get four storybooks and one board book to help you and your little ones navigate big feelings like angry, how to calm down and move forward.

Frolic books playfully introduce basic faith concepts in a way that's fun and age appropriate for very small children. This bundle includes:


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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • Format Bundle
  • Brand Frolic
  • Model Frolic Preschool; Frolic Nursery
  • Age/Grade Range 0-2; 2-3; PreK-K
  • Item Number ITEM009508
  • Publication Date January 2, 2019