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Sparkhouse Digital

Sparkhouse Digital

Take the guesswork out of planning and simplify leader engagement with Sparkhouse Digital—a digital platform that gives you unlimited access to more than 15,000 Sparkhouse leader resources and reproducibles (plus, exclusive content!) across early childhood, children, and youth.

What Sparkhouse Digital includes:

  • Leader Guides: Online leader guides for each of Sparkhouse’s brands make it easy to preview lessons and articles so you can send them to other leaders and easily plan upcoming lessons for your early childhood, children, and youth programs.
  • Lesson Videos: Library of quality, engaging videos that bring new life to your classroom experience for all age groups, helping to reiterate the content of the lesson.
  • Reproducible Extras: Forms, templates, signs, and coloring pages bring extra visual impact to congregations using Sparkhouse Digital and helps you simplify parent and volunteer engagement.
  • Exclusive Content: Podcast episodes, how-to resources, and church-to-home resources give you the resources you need to drive better engagement, deeper faith learning, and more consistent attendance across your ministry programs. 
  • Monthly Enewsletter: For Sparkhouse Digital Early Childhood subscribers, you can enroll families to receive monthly Enewsletters with content customized for the child’s age and month of the year, helping parents understand key developmental and faith milestones.

Student pieces and Bibles are not included in your Sparkhouse Digital subscription and must be purchased separately.

For more information about Sparkhouse Digital and to view a demo of the platform, visit

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