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Colaborate Bible Study Colaborate

Challenging, lifelong faith

Hands-on investigative learning that leads to deep engagement with the Bible, faith, and what it means to be a Christian.

Comprehensive Bible Study

Students will engage in compelling conversation about God and what it means to follow Jesus as they dig into the Bible.

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Fearless Faith Formation

Encourages students to bring their questions and curiosity about Lutheran doctrine and history.

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Engaging, Active Faith

Students discover the rich history of the Methodist doctrine, traditions, and beliefs and their relevance to their lives.

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Inspiring, Resilient Faith

Students explore what it means to be Presbyterian and how to live out their confirmation promises.

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Why choose Colaborate?

Problem–based learning helps students answer the question, "So what?"

Problem–based learning allows students to discover for themselves the history and richness of the Bible, God, and fatih. Students are invited to bring their questions and curiousity to every class.

The depth you want with the support you need.

The accompanying Leader Guide is clear and intuitive, making it easy for any leader to understand and facilitate a lesson. It includes Bible verses, an extensive theological and historical background, and practical support to guide each lesson, turning each class into a time of rich engagement with your students.

Change the way students think about faith and the Bible.

Rather than faith being handed over as an established set of facts to be learned and memorized, it’s presented as a path of growth and discovery. That’s an experience that will stay with them long after they leave your class.

Flexibility to make it yours.

The curriculum allows leaders to decide the order of the lessons and the focus of the content. Want three weeks on Genesis? There’s plenty to work with. Want to skip Kings for now and jump ahead to Psalms? Go ahead.

What people say about Colaborate

The handbook and leader guide are very appealing. I believe it is important for teens today to form their own opinions—through study, prayer and research.

Youth Pastor

I couldn’t get the kids to stop asking profound questions last night, our first night as a class. At the end, a seventh grade boy, new to the church, asked, "Is this going to be like this all the time? That was a lot of fun."


I’ve found in the three sessions that I’ve done with confirmation students that the conversations are profound, deep, meaningful and often consume so much of the time we don’t get through all the content in the lessons. I’m okay with that!


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