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Colaborate Lutheran Confirmation


Fearless faith formation

Hands-on investigative learning that leads to deep engagement with the Bible, church history, and Lutheran theology.


Scope and Sequence

See the sessions in Colaborate in the grid below, or by downloading the full
Scope and Sequence (225KB, PDF).

I don’t know why the Bible is so special, why certain parts made the cut, and who had the right to decide.
The Hebrew Bible
I don’t know why the Hebrew Bible is part of the Christian Bible.
I don’t know why Genesis matters when science has already disproven the stories.
I don’t understand why (or how) God plays favorites with Moses and the Israelites.
I don’t understand why we observe some parts of the law but not others.
I don’t know what judges are at all.
I don’t know why Ruth would willingly become an outsider in a foreign land.
I don’t know where kings fit into the story of Israel.
Babylonian Captivity
I don’t get why God would free the people only to let them be captured again.
I don't understand what qualifies someone to be a prophet.
I don’t know what purpose the psalms serve.
I don’t know what makes wisdom books more wise than the rest of the Bible.
I don’t know why bad things happen to good people.
I don’t know why Esther’s story matters when it doesn’t mention God.
The Rise of Rome
What happened in the world between the Old Testament and New Testament?

An opening infographic sets up the tension for the lesson, explicitly centering on student assumptions, biases, even disinterest. Pushing the problem: A short animated video heightens the tension through hyperbole, stereotypes, and misinformation. It is intentionally—
and age-appropriately—provocative
to build interest and get students thinking about the topic.

The center spread of the lesson equips students to work through the tension created on page one. It features an infographic that presents content in a memorable, visually powerful way, incorporating Bible passages, catechism material, and Lutheran history to help give students a stronger sense of the theology and doctrine behind each lesson. Students are invited to interact with the content by drawing, asking and answering questions, and sharing their ideas with a partner or the group.

The final page of each lesson solidifies the concepts through two activities—an individual writing activity and a more active group project. No pipe cleaners? No problem. Every project in colaborate can be done with materials you have on hand—paper, pencils, tape, scissors. You’d be surprised how much stuff you can create with just these simple supplies. These activities give students opportunities to articulate what they’ve discovered, share their thoughts with others, and engage with the broader church community.

Colaborate Lutheran Student Bibles

An essential component of the curriculum and a great gift for completing confirmation

Get teens engaged with God's Word through confirmation and beyond.

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Why choose Colaborate?

Problem-Based Learning helps students answer the question, "So what?"

Problem-based learning allows students to discover for themselves the ways the doctrines, traditions, and beliefs of their faith are relevant to their lives. This style of learning compels them to search out meaningful answers that will be integral in their faith formation.

The Colaborate Lutheran Student Bible brings the story of God to life for teenagers.

Featuring interactive graphics, interesting facts, and insightful commentary, this NRSV Bible is designed to bring the story of God to life for students. As an essential component of the Colaborate curriculum, the Bible adds value to your conversation with highlighted key verses, additional questions and activities. It’s smart, it’s fun, and it’s a Bible your students will hang on to for years to come.

Colaborate changes the way students think about faith.

Rather than faith being handed over as an established set of facts to be learned and mastered, it’s presented as a path of growth and discovery. This promotes a rich, meaningful experience that will stay with students long after they complete their confirmation classes.

Hands-on projects create a strong connection to the content.

Students will expand and deepen their understanding of concepts through projects that range from handbook-based questions and activities, to group art projects, to games and off-site explorations.

Colaborate was created by theologians, practitioners, and artists who know the Bible, Lutheran doctrine, and young people.

This team worked together to combine theological depth with provocative questions, surprising insights, and punchy graphics that will spark conversation and capture the imagination of your students.

Flexible curriculum lets leaders decide the order of the lessons and the focus of the content.

Want three weeks on Genesis? There’s plenty to work with. Want to skip Adiaphora for now and jump ahead to the Small Catechism? Go ahead.

Colaborate is easy to lead.

Not only is the accompanying Leader Guide clear and intuitive, the Problem-Based Learning perspective means leaders don’t have to be experts. Instead, they become mentors, facilitators, and co-learners. They are encouraged to share their own questions and discoveries as they guide students through the session.

See samples or purchase Colaborate resources today.

What people say about Colaborate

The handbook and leader guide are very appealing. I believe it is important for teens today to form their own opinions—through study, prayer and research.

April, youth pastor, NC

I like that this isn’t just a leader asking questions. It’s interesting and interactive and gets you thinking about what you believe.

Isaac, age 13, MN

I really like the engaging format of the curriculum and that it is student driven, instead of lecture-based.

Chad, youth pastor, OH

The format of questioning and problem solving issues helps students learn more about God and the church. I also like all of the support for the leader in guiding the class.

Beth, volunteer, WI

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