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Echo the Story 36

Invite your youth into a larger story

Experience the fullness of the biblical narrative in 36 sessions that use storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue.

Echo the Story 36

Scope and Sequence

Echo the Story 36 is a 36-session overview of the Bible for youth. The complete Echo the Story 36 experience helps participants discover meaning and identity in the biblical narrative using a DVD, participant Sketch Journal, and detailed Leader Guide. See the sessions in Echo the Story 36 in the grid below, or by downloading the full Scope and Sequence (119KB, PDF).

Genesis 1—2
Genesis 3—4
Genesis 6—9
Genesis 12—13;
15—18; 21
Jacob & Esau
Genesis 25; 27—28;
Genesis 37; 39—47

How it works

Each session follows a six-part sequence for participants to encounter the Bible in a variety of ways:

1. Rewind

The Story So Far video begins with a two-minute interaction for the group. Following the interaction, the video will show a fast-paced, animated review of the previous sessions’ stories.

2. Prepare

Participants draw a version of the story symbol in their Sketch Journals. Then, a participant will read a section from the Sketch Journal that helps ready the group for imaginative listening.

3. Imagine

The leader tells this session’s Bible story. A carefully-crafted narrative script of the story is provided in the Leader Guide.

4. Capture

The leader will ask someone of a different gender to do a second telling of the story. During this telling, participants will use their Sketch Journals to capture aspects of the story that stood out to them.

5. Remix

Participants will be invited to choose from two REMIX activities (included in the Sketch Journal) that guide them to retell part of the Bible story in their own unique way.

6. Connect

The leader will guide a group dialogue where participants are asked to share their observations and insights from the story. Dialogue questions are provided in the Leader Guide.

Why choose Echo the Story 36?

Thirty-six key Bible stories that connect with savvy youth

The curriculum guides participants to explore 36 Bible stories from the beginning of the Bible all the way through the John’s account of new creation in the book of Revelation. Each of the one-hour sessions can be used on a weekly schedule, or combined for a youth retreat.

Quick lesson preparation

The Echo the Story 36 Leader Guide is easy to follow, includes everything necessary to facilitate a session, and allows everyone (including leaders) to learn together.

Honest dialogue and collaborative interpretation

Echo the Story 36 provides a guided experience for curious students to wonder, reflect, and seek meaning that applies to their lives. Youth explore faith and interpret scripture together.

Experiential biblical overview

Youth learn in many different ways and Echo the Story 36 embraces different learning styles. The sessions deliver an overview of the Bible and guide participants to connect the stories to their own lives.

Youth sit up and take notice

Similar to the re:form curriculum, Echo the Story 36 engages youth to experience and respond to the story in their unique way, and empowers them to deepen faith while finding community among peers.

See samples, purchase Echo the Story 36 resources, or learn more about Bible storying in Echo creator Michael Novelli's book Shaped by the Story.

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