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re:form re:form Traditions

Explore your Christian faith tradition

Denomination-specific history and theological framework that speak to youth.

Scope and Sequence

re:form Traditions is a four-unit curriculum that shares the history, beliefs, and practices that help youth discover how their faith tradition came to be. See which questions are included below, or download the full Scope and Sequence (102.1KB, PDF).

1. Did the Methodist Church really start because of some holier-than-thou teenagers?
1 Peter 1:14b-16
2. What the heck is prevenient grace and do I have to learn geometry to be Methodist?
Ephesians 2:8-9;
Revelation 3:20
3. If a Methodist sings out of tune, does that mean they’re not perfect?
Matthew 25:31-46
4. What actually happens when Methodists are on a mission?
Luke 4:18-21; John 20:21

How it works

Every re:form Traditions session follows a three-part sequence: Encounter, Engage, and Respond. In each session, youth gather to watch a hilarious animated video, tap their creativity for activities that involve doodling, science experiments, and painting, and then share in their faith tradition. Session resources are available for the Lutheran, Methodist, and Reformed faith traditions.
Resources are also available a la carte.

Why choose re:form Traditions?

Denomination-specific resources

re:form Traditions encourages youth to consider and explore four questions specific to their faith tradition. Through the curriculum, participants gain a deeper understanding of their tradition’s history—and why it matters today.

Videos speak to teens

The re:form Traditions DVDs (Lutheran, Methodist, and Reformed) each include four animated short videos that begin each session with a blend of hilarity and historical perspective.

Flexibility to make it yours

Pairing re:form Traditions with re:form and/or re:form Ancestors deepens understanding and is just one example of how you can powerfully configure the re:form curriculum to fit the needs of your youth ministry program.

Multiple applications

re:form Traditions is for confirmation. It’s for retreats. It’s for new member courses. It’s for any moment that affirms and strengthens faith.

A workbook like no other

The hands-on re:form Traditions Anti-Workbooks (Lutheran, Methodist, and Reformed) encourage active learning at every turn. There’s space among the vivid illustrations to explore, journal, doodle, paste photos, and build faith.

Teachers become facilitators

Leaders don’t have to know all the answers. re:form Traditions encourages everyone—
including the leader—to get involved. The easy-to-use Leader Guides make session preparation a snap.

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