Echo the Story 12

Imaginative way to engage in the Bible using storytelling, creative relfection, and dialogue

Why choose Echo the Story 12?

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    Engage youth with content designed for them

    Cover 12 Bible stories that bring youth from the beginning of the Bible all the way through the early church to build their knowledge.

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    Use storytelling to relate to God’s story

    Offer opportunities for students to relate with God’s story through the storying process, discover meaning, and develop fresh insights of the biblical narrative.

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    Focus on building community and spirituality

    Engage youth in a unique way with Echo the Story by empowering them to grow spiritually while finding community among peers.

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    Make it easy for your leaders

    Use the Echo the Story leader guide to easily (and quickly!) learn the lesson without require much advance preparation for discussions.

How it works

Sessions follow a six-part sequence for encountering the Bible in a variety of ways.

  • Rewind to previous sessions using The Story So Far video series
  • Prepare to envision the new story with drawing in the Sketch Journal
  • Imagine the narrative as the leader reads the Bible story aloud from the Leader Guide
  • Capture memorable aspects of the story by using the Sketch Journal
  • Remix! Students complete an activity to creatively retell the Bible story
  • Connect observations and insights through group sharing
“Our youth class has enjoyed discussing the excellent questions posed with each lesson and the teachers love them too!”
Maureen Hamilton , Center Congregational Church of Meriden
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Scope and sequence

Experience an overview of the Bible with Echo the Story 12, or dig deeper with Echo the Story 36. Download the full scope and sequence.

Genesis 1–3
Genesis 3–9
The Promise
Genesis 12–13; 15–18; 21
Exodus 1–5; 7–15
Exodus 19–20; 24–25; 31–32; 34; 40
Judges & Kings
Numbers 14; 22; Joshua 11;
Judges 2–3; 17; 21; 1 Samuel
8–9; 13–18; 22–23; 26; 31;
2 Samuel 5; 7–8; 11–12;
1 Kings 14
1 Kings 3–5; 8–14; 2 Kings 17; 24–25; 2 Chronicles 7; 36; Amos 3–5; 7; Jeremiah 18; 23; 29; 31; Ezekiel 36; Ezra 1–2; Nehemiah 4; 6
Luke 1–3; Matthew 1–3;
Mark 1; John 1
Matthew 8–9; Mark 2; 4;
Luke 4–5; John 5
God’s Kingdom
Matthew 5; 12–13; 18; 20; 22; Mark 2; 10; Luke 11; 13–14; 17
Matthew 26–28; Luke 19;
22–24; John 11; 15
The Church
Acts 1–2

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