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  • Take youth through a journey of discovering prayer in this four-week topical group study designed for Grades 9-12.

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  • Sin

    Help teens unpack the topic of sin—what it means, where it comes, and what to do about it—in this four-week topical group study.

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  • Help your youth in Grades 9-12 understand the meaning of mission and its role in their faith.

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  • Give youth the tools they need to talk about what salvation means to them and their faith.

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  • Get your students thinking about the Bible like they’ve never thought about it before with this 4-week small group resource.

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Why did we create T.B.D.?

Interested in learning the background behind our newest youth curriculum? Check out our blog post about why our developers took the approach they did with T.B.D.

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How do you facilitate a small group with your youth?

What’s the best way to get youth talking—and digging into—their faith? Check out this FREE on-demand webinar to learn one veteran youth worker’s best tips.

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Why choose T.B.D.?

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    Help teens explore what they believe

    Take faith formation one step deeper with T.B.D.’s topical group studies that engage youth in group discussions to dive in to their faith.

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    Build a robust and durable theological kit

    Dive deep into particular topics, like Prayer, to help students take ownership of their faith.

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    Use the content to fit your context

    Decide when it makes sense to use T.B.D.—whether it’s as a drop-in between other programming during the year or for a great group study for a weekend retreat.

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    Make it easy for your leaders

    Leverage facilitator guides to make it easy for your leaders and volunteers to teach—helping youth learn and grow as they explore faith rooted in Scripture.

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