Adult Faith Formation

Nurture faith and explore the Bible in adult study groups.

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    Breathe new life into your congregation with this series of courses on the Bible, faith, and faith practices.

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    Start a conversation about social justice topics in your adult small group.

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How to create leaders

Creating leaders across your ministry

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Leaders and adults love these resources!

  • Create an engaging small group

    Focus on the topics that get people talking—so your small group participants continue to come back

  • Customize to fit your needs

    Use resources that can be customized for your group’s needs—dig deeper into a particular topic that resonates, or shorten the scope and sequence for what works for you.

  • Go beyond talking

    Take your adult faith formation one step deeper than a conversation by giving them resources that allow them to sketch, create, and share.

  • Dig deeper into tough topics

    Bring your adults together around authentic conversations around challenging concepts and ideas.

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