Frolic Family

Parent-focused curriculum to build community and extend faith from church to home

Why choose Frolic Family?

  • Host classes to develop faith with parents and children together

    Allow parents to be present as little ones learn Bible Stories, prayers, songs, and blessings.

  • Build community among young parents

    Use Frolic Faith Classes to create a space for parents to connect with other parents as they build faith together and with their children.

  • Connect with parents on a regular basis with newsletters

    Send monthly newsletters (either physically or digitally) to parents to share key developmental and faith milestones with families.

  • Extend faith from church to home

    Bring at-home resources to life with Frolic Bibles, board books, and storybooks, extending Frolic Family curricula into key themes for families to share at home.

How it works

Frolic Family Faith Classes are at the core of Frolic Family, which offers 44 classes based on the Frolic First Bible, the 12 board books, and 13 storybooks in the Frolic line. Classes help parents learn with other parents, as well as explore faith concepts with their children. In addition, engage with parents and other caregivers with a monthly newsletter that can be sent digitally or physically—sharing age-specific developmental and faith formation milestones.

“We use this once a month in early childhood family Sunday school. It allows us to equip our young families to pass faith to their children. They love connecting with other parents in the process. This has been a blessing!”
Ashley Gilbertson , Calvary Lutheran Church

Frolic Online is now Sparkhouse Digital!

Simplify planning with access to all leader materials, and extend communication with automated monthly emails to families.

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