Dialogues On: Sexuality

A new small group series to explore sexuality and the church. Now available for pre-order! Product releases on January 22, 2019.

Why choose Dialogues On: Sexuality?

  • Create a trusted environment for small groups

    Each Dialogues On: Sexuality lesson includes facilitator tips, communication skills, and perspectives from thought leaders to create a space for all to be heard and respected.

  • Engage in conversation about local and worldwide issues

    Start a conversation in small groups around today’s issues, such as the refugee crisis, and learn how to respectfully converse with peers.

  • Build lasting relationships

    Groups get a chance to express thoughts and ideas of today’s issues. As a result, groups grow closer to one another and the community.

  • Turn conflict into community

    Create a space for people to have difficult conversations—allowing their opinions to be heard and respected, ultimately turning conflict into community.

How it works

Dialogues On resources and methodology are built to help leaders create an engaging experience people want to be a part of, and includes a leader guide, participant book, and DVD. Each Dialogues On session follows a four-part series:

  • Participants will read a weekly topic
  • Gather in a small group to discuss key learnings
  • Watch a video featuring a leading voice
  • Share ideas with the group

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