T.B.D.: Bible

Get your students thinking about the Bible like they’ve never thought about it before.

Why choose T.B.D.: Bible?

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    Give your students a crash course in exegesis

    T.B.D.: Bible helps students learn more about where the Bible comes from and how that might influence our understanding of it.

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    Crack open discussion faster that you can say hermeneutics

    T.B.D. encourages students to unravel their assumptions and think more intentionally about their faith with discussion prompts and provocative questions.

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    Use the content to fit your context

    This four-session unit works in all kinds of settings. Use it for small groups, for a retreat, or to mix it up in your year-long programming.

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    Equip your leaders for success

    Each lesson is discussion-driven, so your leaders can focus on guiding meaningful conversation, not juggling hand-outs and lesson plans.

How it works

Each lesson in T.B.D. invites youth (Grades 9-12) to use their experiences, Christian tradition, and the Bible to unpack a theological idea and test that idea out in the world. Students jot down thoughts, share questions, and walk through a group discussion that allows them to figure out not only what they believe, but also why they believe it.

Each session moves students into an in-depth discussion of an assumption about the Bible. Together, they unpack that assumption to learn more about what it means to call this book the Word of God.

  • Session 1: The Bible Is T/true
  • Session 2: The Bible Came from God
  • Session 3: The Bible Tells Me How to Live
  • Session 4: The Bible Is the Final Authority
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