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  • The Boy with Big, Big Feelings

    The Boy with Big, Big Feelings

    Meet a boy with feelings so big that they glow from his cheeks, spill out of his eyes, and jump up and down on his chest.


  • On Your Way

    On Your Way

    A tender look back at a child's first steps, On Your Way is a celebration of growth, movement, and the importance of slowing down to observe life's milestones both big and small.

    A mother recounts for her child "that day on the porch" when they first tried to walk. As the child totters, stumbles, and flops, young animals nearby gallop, jump, waddle, and hop. Kids will delight in the child's progress and think of the ways they're still learning to grow and move every single day now that they're on their way. A perfect book for looking back at how far kids have come...and how far they'll go.


  • Being Me from A to Z

    Being Me from A to Z

    From Awesome Adventures to being one in a Zillion, each letter of the alphabet inspires kids to be their best selves in Being Me from A to Z.

    The 26 letters of the alphabet provide the building blocks of words and stories--and in Being Me from A to Z, they provide kids with a primer in living adventurously, bravely, and courageously. From empathy and kindness to the importance of asking questions and helping others, kids will be inspired, affirmed, and encouraged to love themselves, be kind to others, and care for the world around them. It's as easy as ABC!


  • Teaching Eddie to Fly

    Teaching Eddie to Fly

    Eddie is a bird, but he can't fly! His friend Ernest, a bear, decides he's going to help Eddie learn to fly--with hilarious and unanticipated results! Along the way, both Ernest and Eddie learn some valuable lessons. Is Eddie even meant to fly? Or is there something else he's even better at?


  • Owen and Eleanor Meet the New Kid

    Owen and Eleanor Meet the New Kid

    The third book in the Owen & Eleanor series is a story about welcoming strangers and loving your neighbor.


  • God's Protection Covers Me

    God's Protection Covers Me

    "Every day, in all you do, God's protection covers you!"


  • Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too

    Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too

    A book about loving your neighbor with kindness and creativity from the author of the award-winning Maybe God Is Like That Too.


  • Stay Through the Storm

    Stay Through the Storm

    A moving meditation on the power of friendship to carry us through dark times.


  • Frolic Preschool Bible

    Frolic Preschool Bible

    A great follow up to the Frolic First Bible, perfect for emerging readers.


  • Frolic First Bible

    Frolic First Bible

    This delightful picture Bible tells twenty of the Bible's most beloved stories from creation to the resurrection and introduces little ones to God's love and care.