Resilient Reformer: The Life and Thought of Martin Luther

Resilient Reformer: The Life and Thought of Martin Luther

Some would argue that there is no need for yet another biography of Martin Luther. The story has been told many times, and very well at that! And yet, interest in Luther’s life and thought remains high, and each generation brings its own set of questions to the task.
This biography, begun by Timothy F. Lull prior to his death and capably finished by Derek R. Nelson, is marked for its fresh, winsome, and invigorating style--one undoubtedly shaped by the years that each author spent in undergraduate and seminary classrooms.
In this telling, Luther is an energetic, resilient actor, driven by very human strengths and failings, always wishing to do right by his understanding of God and the witness of the Scriptures. Luther is portrayed here more as a loud tenor in a Reformation chorale than as a solo voice of dissent against church and empire, as he and his work are closely linked with his many collaborators. At times humorous, always realistic, and appropriately critical when necessary, Lull and Nelson tell the story of an amazing, unforgettable life, one that impacted our world in countless ways.


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  • Publisher Fortress Press
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  • ISBN 9781451494150
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  • Age/Grade Range Adult
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 448
  • Publication Date July 1, 2015


Prologue: “Here I Sit”: The Crisis of Summer 1545
1. A Family’s Hopes: 1483–1505
2. From Brother Martin to Doctor Luther: 1505–1517
3. Martin Luther: Critic of the Church: 1517–1518
4. Martin Luther: Theologian for the Church: 1519–1520
5. The Trial of Martin Luther: 1520–1521
6. Luther the Prisoner: 1521–1522
7. The Crisis in Wittenberg: 1521–1524
8. Becoming Martin Luther: The Decisive Year of 1525
9. The Birth of Lutheranism: 1526–1532
10. Being Martin Luther: 1532–1539
11. Darkness with Shafts of Light: 1540–1545
12. Death and Vindication: 1545–1555
The Forty-Six Players in the Lutheran Reformation: A Brief Guide