Angry Like Jesus: Using His Example to Spark Your Moral Courage

Angry Like Jesus: Using His Example to Spark Your Moral Courage

Few people realize that the Gospels include at least fifteen different stories about Jesus’ anger. When was Jesus angry? What was he angry about? Is Jesus’ anger relevant today? Is it right for a Christian to be angry? Although sinful anger cannot achieve the righteousness of God, godly anger can rouse a sleeping church. Godly anger lights a flame that fuels people to wake up and be truthful out loud, so that many (who don’t expect it) can be healed. Godly anger is powerful. It’s an aspect of real love. It ushers in true hope because it knows that God is faithful. It dares to take a risk because it trusts that God has its back.

Without the salt of Jesus’ anger, people accept what’s unacceptable. We allow what we shouldn’t allow. We don’t make changes we should make. We deceive ourselves into thinking that corruption doesn’t need to be opposed. Godly anger is not afraid. It assumes responsibility. It motivates us to confront things we wish did not exist. Jesus’ anger is God’s gift to help deliver us.​

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"Startling and compelling, this forthright study cuts through the Stoicism and Pharisaism of our Western Christian heritage to highlight the searching sternness of Jesus' love and the place of holy anger in the healthy Christian life. Angry Like Jesus should make waves."
—J. I. Packer
Author of Knowing God 

"In a world of corruption and cover-up, it is easy for us to become cynical. Instead, Sumner invites us to get angry with Jesus’ anger. Here is a compelling, biblically rich take on one of the least understood emotions within the church. With the Bible in one hand and this book in the other, we are given a gift: an invitation to allow even our anger to be refined and be made useful in the hands of God."
Katelyn Beaty,
Managing editor, Christianity Today

"As I have found with all of Sarah Sumner’s writing, this book makes you grapple with deep theological thoughts in hard-hitting, practical ways that will change your life for the better. Sumner brilliantly unmasks the false idea that anger and love can’t go together, and, in the process, helps the reader become more loving precisely by showing us how to be angry in healing ways."
—John Burke,
author of No Perfect People Allowed and Imagine Heaven