Whirl Classroom / Year Gold / Winter / PreK - Grade 2 / DVD

Whirl Classroom / Year Gold / Winter / PreK - Grade 2 / DVD

Animated characters help set up the lesson each week. They address deep theological concepts with creative, light-hearted wit and will leave kids (and leaders!) wanting to watch them again and again. 
  •  Kids watching kids! The animated characters are the same age as the kids watching the videos. This makes the characters both relatable and relevant.
  •  In each video, the animated characters experience common questions and challenges to living out their faith. 
  •  Leader Guides provide content to support conversation before and after the video.
 This DVD is designed for PreK-Grade 2. It contains a video for each lesson of the 14-week Year Gold Winter quarter.
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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • ISBN 9781506416434
  • Brand Whirl
  • Model Classroom
  • Age/Grade Range PreK-K; Grades 1-2
  • Year Gold
  • Format DVD
  • Publication Date September 14, 2016

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