Rising: The Amazing Story of Christianity's Resurrection in the Global South

Rising: The Amazing Story of Christianity's Resurrection in the Global South

Pundits regularly declare that Christianity is dying. And in a way they are correct. Its golden age of influence is long gone in Western Europe, and similar trends are happening in North America. But while it slowly dies in the West, Christianity has been coming to life in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Christianity is rising.

Megachurches in Nigeria, India, and South Korea have tens of thousands of members. The largest Roman Catholic populations in the world are found in Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines. And sociologists predict that there could be nearly 600 million Christians in China by 2040.

Now immigrants, refugees, and missionaries from the Global South look to former strongholds of Christian influence in the West as new mission fields, bringing their vibrant faith to our shores. They are bringing the gospel back to us in new and surprising ways.

The future of Christianity is bright, you just have to look around.
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Table of Contents

1. The Staggering Decline of Christianity in Western Europe
2. The Death and Resurrection of Christianity in Russia
3. The United States: Is Christianity Dying or Thriving?
4. The Jesuits: The Greatest Missionaries of All Time
5. African Encounters with Christianity
6. Embracing Christ in Asia
7. Coming to America: Asians and Latinos Stake Their Claim
8. America’s Role: To Be Good Soil
9. Christianity Is Changing... and It’s Worth Celebrating