Sexuality and Holy Longing, 2nd Edition: Embracing Intimacy in a Beautiful, Broken World

Sexuality and Holy Longing, 2nd Edition: Embracing Intimacy in a Beautiful, Broken World

In this newly revised edition of Sexuality and Holy Longing, author Lisa Graham McMinn beautifully describes how people are created by God for relationship, and our sexuality guarantees that we will long for and be drawn toward others. McMinn provides a blueprint for understanding sexuality--and our longing to be loved--at all stages of life (childhood, teen years, early adulthood, midlife, and old age). In the context of faith and a changing culture, she explores sexual awakenings in adolescence, choices, opportunities and challenges of single people, and mysteries of committed covenantal relationships. She addresses tough topics, including reproductive issues, sexuality for those who are single (divorced, widowed, or never married), and in this new edition, LGBT issues and same-sex marriage.

The author details practical solutions for ways that parents, educators, and churches can nurture others and ourselves in the quest to understand sexuality as a longing that draws us toward God and others, and to embrace it as a God-given gift. Thought-provoking study questions at the end of each chapter inspire readers to reflection and action in reclaiming our sexuality through grace.


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  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781506454818
  • eBook ISBN 9781506454825
  • Age/Grade Range Adult
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 224
  • Publication Date March 5, 2019

Table of Contents

Foreword by David P. Gushee
1.   Rites of Passage: The Quest for Manhood and Womanhood
2.   Adolescence: Awakenings and Choices
3.   Sleeping Alone: Sexuality and Singleness
4.   Birthing Babies: The Essence of Early Motherhood (and Fatherhood)
5.   Mysteries of Marriage: Bone of My Bone, Flesh of My Flesh
6.   Sexuality and Culture: Bodies and Scripts
Epilogue: Beauty from Ashes