Wholeness & Holiness

Wholeness & Holiness

For years many Christians have been drawn into a belief that abstaining from sex before marriage is the only thing that is required to be labeled as "pure." Wholeness & Holiness addresses this misconception as well as the misconception that biblical purity rules are irrelevant to present-day Christians. Created for high schoolers and young adults, this course will guide students to explore and correct these common misconceptions. Biblical purity is always about the wholeness and holiness of people and communities.

This comprehensive Leader Guide is a digital download that includes detailed leader instructions for facilitating eight Wholeness & Holiness sessions. The course introduction and thorough biblical, historical, and theological background information will support leaders as they facilitate tough and sometimes complicated topics. Each session includes a reproducible Student Sheet.

Leader Guide includes:

  • A course introduction for leaders
  • Eight 60-minute sessions
  • Reproducible Student Sheet for each session
  • Reproducible Body Map interactive sheet

8 Sessions:

  • The Private Parts of the Bible: God's Word Says WHAT
    • Exploring all the wild stuff in the Bible
  • Purity 101: Calls to be Saints, Together
    • Introduction to purity and the importance of community
  • Purity's Progress: Cultivating and Extending Holiness
    • How God's people have change in their pursuit of purity
  • Loving the Skin You're In: Purity on Display
    • The significance of tattoos, piercings, and clothing
  • Can You Touch This: Rules, Relationships, and Redemption
    • Hygiene habits and the power of Christ to redeem unclean stuff
  • You Are What You Eat: Deciding What's for Dinner
    • Looking at ingested impurity and food justice
  • Holy Sex!: Sanctified and Sanctifying Relationships
    • The holy gift of sex is confusing, awkward, and beautiful
  • The Heart of the Matter: Purity in Everyday Life
    • Thinking about purity as Christian discipleship

Wholeness & Holiness is also included with a subscription to Sparkhouse Digital Youth.

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  • Format Digital Download
  • ISBN 9781506465616
  • Age/Grade Range Teen/Youth
  • Publication Date January 27, 2020