Tofu Takes Time

Tofu Takes Time

Homemade tofu is good, and good things take time.

CLICK CLACK WHIRRRR . . . Lin and her grandma, NaiNai, are making tofu from scratch! When NaiNai goes through each step, from blending soybeans with water to molding curd into shape, Lin gradually becomes impatient. But she soon discovers that making tofu not only takes time, but also takes the whole universe! It takes the seed from soil and sunshine, the cloth from thread and fiber, weight and space, books of words and pictures. And most of all, it takes spending lovely time with her beloved grandmother.

In this charming tale by Helen H. Wu, readers will marvel at how patience brings a whole universe together in a simple dish made by a modern Chinese American family. Perfect for fans of Fry Bread, Drawn Together and Thank You, Omu.

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  • Publisher Beaming Books
  • Format Picture Book
  • ISBN 9781506480350
  • eBook ISBN 9781506481500
  • Dimensions 9.25 x 9.25
  • Pages 40
  • Publication Date April 19, 2022


"Sentimental and quaint...A culinary lesson in patience."

Kirkus Reviews

This story is appealing on several levels, as a multigenerational tale about a family that shares traditions, experiences and meals, as a lesson in patience, and as an introduction to a versatile and sustainable food.

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