T.B.D. think. believe. do.

Youth unpack, understand, and live out their faith

Why choose T.B.D.?

  • Help teens explore what they believe

    Take faith formation one step deeper with T.B.D.’s topical group studies that engage youth in group discussions to dive in to their faith.

  • Build a robust and durable theological kit

    Dive deep into particular topics, like Prayer, to help students take ownership of their faith.

  • Use the content to fit your context

    Decide when it makes sense to use T.B.D.—whether it’s as a drop-in between other programming during the year or for a great group study for a weekend retreat.

  • Make it easy for your leaders

    Leverage facilitator guides to make it easy for your leaders and volunteers to teach—helping youth learn and grow as they explore faith rooted in Scripture.

How it works

Each T.B.D. lesson invites students to use their experiences, Christian tradition, and the Bible to unpack a theological idea and test that idea out in the world. Using their Student Journals as a workbook, students jot down thoughts, share questions, and walk through a group discussion that allows them to figure out not only what they believe, but also why they believe.

Course Contents

Equip teenagers to unpack, understand, and live out their faith with T.B.D.

Prayer is important
There’s a right way to pray
Prayer changes things
Prayer changes God
Trust youth to actively participate in and own their faith.

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